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Alternator 504338098R

Problem: Dead battery due to alternator not charging.

Solution Date: In Review- final solution not found

Failure Mode:

    • Alternator not charging

Root Cause:

      • Brush wire gets frayed if the brush is allowed to extend beyond its original position.
      • Wire becomes frayed until remaining brush wire is unable to support the normal operating condition resulting in higher resistance and ultimately no output of the alternator.
      • Found when the operator removed the protective cap the brushes would fully extend causing they fray in the wires.


  • Updated Process Standards: Our supplier has revised their handling processes for regulators during assembly, ensuring each unit is supported correctly to prevent any undue stress on components
  • Thermal Management Improvements: To combat the high heat conditions associated with 200A operation, we’ve started applying thermal grease to the rectifier heat sink. This change aims to reduce the temperature by 23-30°C, significantly extending the diode’s lifespan and overall unit reliability.
    84246892R Product improvement examples

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