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Join us for an unforgettable experience that offers valuable insights for both parts and service personnel.


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Mark your calendars now and secure your spot for Target Success or Virtual Training through Web Academy! This event is a chance to gain valuable insights, uncover the hidden potential in remanufacturing, and transform your dealership for a brighter future. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to ignite your dealership’s growth!


Unveiling the Remanufacturing Process: Gain a unique perspective on the remanufacturing process, the backbone of sustainability and cost-effectiveness in the agriculture and construction industries. Our expert technicians will walk you through the innovative techniques and technologies utilized to remanufacture components, maximizing their lifespan, and minimizing waste. Understanding the remanufacturing process will give you a competitive edge and help you make informed decisions for your customers.

Training Centered Around Your Dealership Struggles We understand the challenges faced by dealers like you in today’s dynamic market. Our training sessions are thoughtfully designed to address your specific pain points, from inventory management and marketing strategies.

Personalized Interaction with Experts: Experience the one-on-one opportunity of a lifetime! Our event offers direct access to our team of seasoned experts, who will eagerly address your queries and provide personalized solutions to your technical challenges. No question is too big or small, as we are committed to supporting your professional growth.

By attending our Target Success Training, you’ll not only enhance your knowledge but also network with like-minded peers, fostering valuable connections within the industry. Together, we will empower you to implement practical solutions that will revolutionize your dealership and drive it towards unprecedented success.

Virtual and in-person private roadshows are offered per dealership request. Please get in touch with your Reman Dealer Development Team Member or the Reman Technical Center (RTC) to schedule. In addition, virtual web-based training courses are provided via web academy and can be completed anytime throughout the year.

I have already started changing our practices – a few items have come up for reorder – and I changed them to reman, a customer did purchase a reman water pump – wanted new, but we only had the reman and I gave him the speech – and he left pretty satisfied that he had come out with the better product. We will be pushing more reman – because it will benefit our customer.

Like I said at the training – a salesman can talk all he wants – but talk is cheap – to see the action side of the talk is what I need to be sold on something. The factory and depot tour really convinced me of your dedication and commitment. I am used to working the oilfield and taking pictures was something NOT allowed (fear of OSHA, or other incorrect practices that could get the company in trouble) – so when you tell me I can take pictures – that right off the bat impressed me. I really like your work order process and the ability to track every part that came in – know who worked on it and what was done. There was organization and structure to everything – which I feel is always the basis to getting anything done correctly, consistently and efficiently – so I left there with a lot of faith in your processes.

I hope this winter to bring my parts department up to a higher standard – and along with that increase our sales. The Springfield trip was a boost in this direction – greatly appreciated.

October 2023 Attendee

From my experience, anytime I heard Reman it was always just they took the bad part out, put a new part in, sent it back out to you. After seeing the facility, knowing what you guys do to it to get it back to where it needs to be, OEM or better. Now I can go back and say, hey, this is a better option and it’s better price. I’m really looking forward to the electronic side of it because there is so much electronics going into this new equipment, especially on the sprayer side. There is not enough reman sprayer options there needs to be a lot more.

January 2024 Attendee

I came in here hating Reman and was just never gonna sell it. And now I’m on it. I just listened to my main technician who has been doing it for quite a while and I feel is  one of the best in the area.  If he hates it, then of course I was gonna fall suit. But now I’m gonna go back I’m gonna challenge my tech and my service manager to try to get them involved with Reman and if it’s failing, then we can only go from there and fix it better.

January 2024 Attendee