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84246892R DeNox Mod

Problem: Error codes and unit failure after functional tests and installation.

Solution Date: 3/1/2024 

Failure Mode: Unit failed after functional test after installation

Root Cause: Reported failures with the Bosch-style filter & flash mismatch causing out-of-the-box performance with UDST.


  • Filter issue identified – Now standard practice to use Donaldson filters.
  • Denox units are now blanked during the Reman Process. Technicians will now have to flash DCU to match the exact ECU and engine data set.

Solution Date 10/2023

Failure Mode: Code thrown after installing Reman module within the 1st month due to dosing module failure

Root Cause: Failure at the pump membrane


    • Material Upgrade: We have sourced a new aftermarket membrane that utilizes a material with less elasticity and a higher shore hardness than the original OEM version. This upgrade is aimed at providing increased durability and resistance to wear, ensuring a longer lifespan of the dosing module.
    • Enhanced Testing Procedures: We have increased both the pressure and volume during our final testing phases to ensure that each module meets our newly established rigorous standards for quality and reliability.

    • Installation and Troubleshooting Support: Recognizing the importance of support, a insert will be included in each box containing the dosing module. These inserts provide detailed instructions for installation and troubleshooting, along with contact information for our dedicated support team. We encourage you to call in for personalized assistance, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation process.
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