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(DC23-365)We understand the importance of maximizing shop hours along with ensuring the smooth operation of equipment for your customers. Trust in the expertise of CNH Reman and our repair partners to provide top-tier repair services tailored to your needs. Our expert team is equipped to diagnose and repair display monitors, ensuring OEM quality is achieved. Additionally, we provide specialized repair services for arm rest controllers, skid steer instrument panels, and chassis control modules, ensuring your equipment’s optimal performance and safety.

All repairs follow the same remanufacturing process with one small change. Many electronics are at the end of life, meaning they are not produced anymore, resulting in unavailable replacement parts. In this event, a part that would typically be replaced with 100% new is either repaired or utilized another core to get the component back up and running.

  • 18-Month Parts Warranty
  • 2-7 business day turnaround from time of receipt
  • Don’t see your part in the list? No Problem submit an Request for Quote (RFQ)

To get started, use the Electronics Repair and Return Tool link under Tools/Applications in the CNH Dealer Portal. If this is your first time using the tool, a request for access will be sent to you dealer portal admin at your dealership location, after that it will take you straight to the tool.

After set up you can now access the tool straight from RemanConnects Repair and Return page or go to www.mycnhremanelectronicsrepair.com. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this program or any of our products, please contact your Dealer Development Team Member or the Reman Technical Center at experts@cnhreman.com or  888-949-7362.


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