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Problem: Warranty returns due to a “broken” or “inoperative” lever.

Solution Date 3/1/2021

Failure Mode: Failure of the bracket resulted in a joystick that would not function and would result in the inability to shift the unit into and out of gear.

Root Cause: Weak material composition of the core bracket. 


The internal bracket was reverse engineered to improve the longevity of this component. The new bracket is CNC machined out of billet aluminum, to improve fatigue life and also incorporates additional material to address stress fractures that were occurring with the original design.

Joystick 48096923R Broken-core-bracket

This image shows where failures frequently occured. 


This images shows the bracket after re-engineering.

If you have questions about this or our Reman products, please contact your local Case IH or New Holland dealership. 

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