DEF Control Unit Sensors

Save time and provide peace of mind by using our Reman DEF Control Unit Sensors.

CNH Reman’s DEF sending unit sensors provide significant cost savings, easy installation, and reliable support by accurately monitoring DEF fluid levels. The installation process is hassle-free, with seamless integration into equipment, ensuring minimal downtime and maximizing productivity. Additionally, CNH Reman provides ongoing support by providing technical guidance through our Reman Technical Center, with a smooth experience and peace of mind. With Reman’s DEF sending unit sensors, dealers benefit from financial savings and exceptional
support, enhancing overall satisfaction and success.

  • Cost Savings: Up to 30% less than new

  • Easy Installations: Tested to OEM specifications

  • Support: Reman Experts available through the RTC

  • Customer Satisfaction: Backed by our industry-leading 24-month warranty.

DEF Control Sensor Remanufacturing Process

  • Core Inspection: Determines suitability for remanufacturing.

  • Pre-testing: Assessed functionality and

    potential issues.

  • Disassembly: Each component is carefully taken apart.

  • Cleaning: Thoroughly cleaned to remove contaminants.

  • Final Inspection: Ensures quality and integrity.

  • Circuit Board Repair: Repaired or replaced for proper functionality.

  • Assembly: DEF sending units are put back together.

    potential issues.

  • Final-Test: Rigorous testing to ensure OEM specifications are met.

  • Serialization: Serial number is added to the component.

  • Packaging: Packaged and ready for distribution.

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If you have questions about this program or our Reman products,
please contact the Reman Technical Center at (888) WHY-REMAN or


Valid for NAFTA region only.

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