Our partnership with Breizelec offers an excellent alternative solution to your electronic parts repair. They have a worldwide presence including Europe, North America, and Australia. Breizelec staffs 150 employees with 80 of them being technicians who help repair more than 60,000 parts per year and test them under real conditions such as on tractors, test tracks, and test benches. Breizelec also stocks a large selection of remanufactured electronic components at their Montreal distribution center. Most available part numbers ordered before 3:00 PM (EST) will ship the same day


All Breizelec purchases (repair or reman) count toward Part Performance Rewards (PPR) and come with a 24-month parts-only warranty. Invoicing will occur on your CNH account as a vendor-direct charge. Access the catalog and repair forms here.

Breizelec Repair Program:
  • The average time for repairs is 3 weeks. If the part is unrepairable there is no charge. If you want the part back, you will only pay the freight.
  • To avoid delay in the repair process, dealers must complete the repair form (fault and signature). 
Breizelec Loaner Program:
  • Take advantage of the Breizelec loaner program by sending the part back within 5 days and paying the small loaner fee if it doesn’t fix the problem.
  • If the part fixes your issue, keep it and you will be invoiced the full amount.
Breizelec Reman Program:
  • On Reman part sales, dealers will be invoiced an initial core charge (noted in the catalog).
  • If a core is not returned within 5 days, the dealer will be invoiced a second core charge for the same amount.
Breizelec Warranty Claim:

To submit a warranty claim, contact Breizelec at 1-855-769-0034 or binc@breizelec.fr to receive your RMA documentation.

Breizelec Forms

If you have questions about this program or CNH Reman products, please contact the Reman Technical Center at (888) WHY-REMAN or experts@cnhreman.com.

NAFTA Region Only