CNH Reman’s annual Reman Commitment Program allows the purchase a variety of products,
year-round, at a consistent discount level. This program will help you manage your parts
turnover rate, minimize storage issues, increase your cash flow, and require less inventory
investment. It also allows you to price for your local market because your discount level is
consistent throughout the year. Complete program details are available in the 2024
Commitment Program Bulletin (DC23-444) located on the dealer portal.

We expanded our product offering eligible for the commitment program to include:

  •  Fuel Injectors
  • Turbos
  • A/C & Air Compressors
  • Starters
  • Alternators
  • ATS – Sender Units & Sensors
  • Clutches & Clutch Discs
  • Water Pumps
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
2024 Commitment Program Table

How to enroll in the Reman Commitment Program
The online enrollment must be completed each year to participate in the program and receive
discounts on the eligible products. No retroactive discounts will be issued for orders placed
before the completion of enrollment, but previous purchases will count towards your
commitment level.

1) In CSPS navigate to Order Processing > Promotions > Commitment Program
2) Click Commitment Program drop-down menu and select the desired program to enroll.
3) Click the View button to view the commitment program details.
4) Select your commitment level.

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For questions about this program contact the Reman Technical Center at (888) WHY-REMAN or