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Problem: AC compressor making noise

Solution Date: 5/30/2024            Serial Number Break: NA

Failure Mode:  AC compressor cores are coming back with two different types of dust shields on them.

Root Cause: The older dust shields (shown below on the right), are susceptible of making noises because the clearances are extremely tight.

Solution:  Moving forward, all dust shields will be replaced will the newer style (shown below on the left), to open up the clearances.


    Old dust shield causing the noise.


    New dust shield with more clearance.

    AC compressor clutch shield

    Problem: AC compressor not cooling

    Solution Date: 5/1/2024            Serial Number Break: NA

    Failure Mode: The ac compressor will quit operating when the compressor wires are damaged due to the pulley rotation.

    Root Cause: There is a possibility of water intrusion causing the compressor to freeze and seize.


    • An AC compressor shield has been created to prevent water intrusion.
      • See CNH BULLETIN NUMBER: 2022 – 098 CIH N SB 
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