CNH Reman Wear Parts by Ihle Fabrications brings an exciting opportunity for dealerships to take their customer service to new heights, offering farmers a solution to extend the longevity of their combine. This innovative product line goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring customers’ equipment performs optimally and withstands challenging harvesting environments. With a focus on robust materials like Hardox® 450, Ihle Remanufactures, builds, and lines wear parts to enhance their durability while backed by our 24-month industry-leading warranty.

Please see more info below, including the downloadable catalog here. 

This product line includes:

  • Auger Liners
  • Bubble Up Liners
  • Chopper Body & Door Hinges
  • Liners Kits
  • Feeder House
  • Tailing Parts
  • Rotor Wear & Transport Rotor
  • Transition Cone

Be ready for harvest repairs by stocking these components today!

  • Order through eParts4.0
  • Available in the Depot
  • Qualify for Pay for Performance (PP)
  • 24-Month Industry-Leading Warranty

Covering Several Vital Areas

This enhanced product line encompasses various critical areas in combine machinery, including:

  • Threshing and Separating Components
  • Conveyor and Elevator Systems
  • Augers and Reels
  • Combine Belts and Chains
  • Combine Rotor and Rotor Components
  • Header Components

Customers can now rely on CNH Reman Wear Parts by Ihle Fabrications to keep their combines running smoothly and efficiently, ensuring a seamless harvesting process.

Upsell Opportunities for Service Shops

This product line also presents service shops with valuable upsell opportunities. When customers’ equipment requires repairs, dealerships can now offer liners to fix or prevent harvesting disruptions caused by component wear and tear. By proposing to line components in the same area while the machinery is already undergoing repair, dealerships can save valuable time and provide a proactive solution to their customers’ needs.

Questions? If you have any questions about this new line of products please call your Dealer Development team member, or the Reman Technical Center (RTC) at 888-949-7362 or