(DC23-414)Effective September 22, 2023, CNH Reman logic (LPP) core return credits have changed.

The Reman core return credit process has been updated to the Last Price Paid (LPP) logic for core return credit to align with the CNH Industrial return logic. Dealers will no longer receive credit for the current CSPS pricing on returned cores. Instead, they will receive credit for the last price paid for the core at the dealer location level.

Key Points:
• Going forward, with this new logic, dealers will be billed the current D-net pricing for both Reman and core as they are today.
• When returning cores, dealers will receive credit based on the last price the dealer paid for the core, not current CSPS pricing. If there is not an archived LPP, the amount credited will be the current dealer net price.
• To determine the last price paid for a core, refer to the CSPS order inquiry. Determine the last order for the part/location combination at your dealership.
• Transferring between dealership customer groups should go through the current D2D process to ensure trackability.
• To confirm your buyback in CSPS, use the buyback menu, insert your buyback number, and then locate the amount in the value accepted column.
• Always reference CoreView for dealer location core return eligibility.

This change will align with CNH Industrial return policy, provide consistency within your dealership, and allow the ability to accurately forecast core return credits based on the last price paid. For more information on the corporate return policy, please refer to page 4 of the CNH Industrial Return Policy Return Types and Process (dlrportal.com) on the Dealer Portal.

If you have questions about this program or our Reman products, please contact the Reman Technical Center at (888) WHY-REMAN or experts@cnhreman.com.

NAFTA Region Only

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