AcKit 48017123 CIHNH

(DC23-236)We have increased our offering of AC Compressor Kits, now covering hundreds of different equipment models!


Why choose a CNH Reman AC Compressor kit over the aftermarket?

  • Quality Components: Not only do we remanufacture and test all of our AC compressors, Reman AC compressor kits come with new receiver driers, expansion valves, and rubber O-rings.
  • Competitive Price: Due to our commitment to keeping costs low without compromising quality, we provide high-quality, remanufactured AC compressors at a competitive price.
  • 24-Month No Hassle Warranty: We offer an industry-leading 24-month warranty.
  • Expertise: For over a decade, we’ve supported the CNH Industrial agricultural and construction brands with quality and advanced remanufacturing solutions. CNH Industrial Reman is an authorized and trusted distributor of remanufactured AC compressors.
  • Sustainability: Save time, energy, and resources by using a Reman AC compressor kit while reducing waste and conserving resources.
    Model Where Used
    F2CE & F2CF Engines, 650M LT, 650M WT
    1150H, 650G, 650H, 650K, 650I, 750H, 750K, 750I, 850H, 850K, 850I, 580I, 590I, 580M, 580SI, 590SI, 580SM, 590SM, 570LXT, 570MXT, 85XT, 90XT, 95XT
    F2CE & F2CF Engines, 650M LT, 650M WT
    F5H4 Engines, 570MXT, 580M, 580N, 580SM, 580SN, 590SM
    F2CE & F2CF Engines, 650M LT, 650M WT
    F5H4 Engines, 570MXT, 580M, 580N, 580SM, 580SN, 590SM
    *See eParts 4.0 for specific application data
    NAFTA Region Only
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    If you have questions about this product or any of our full line of genuine remanufactured parts, please contact the Reman Technical Center at (888) WHY-REMAN or