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(LRT21-674) As we continue working toward being your single source for your electronic components, we are excited to announce our repair and exchange program for electronic control units (ECUs) partnership with Titan.

This partnership provides accurate diagnosis and repair for obsolete ECUs that are no longer available new. Titan works directly with CNH engineering, following OEM specifications for supported ECUs diagnosing, repairing, testing, and validating each unit to verify that the issue(s) have been repaired. ECUs that support advanced diagnostics are fault simulated, error codes read and cleared. Titan stocks previously repaired ECUs when your customer needs a repaired, tested, and validated ECU quickly. If in stock, the exchange can be to your dealership in 1-3 days in most cases. Domestic expedited shipping is included in the exchange pricing, as well as a prepaid shipping label for a core return.

    • 2 Week Standard Lead Time from time of receipt* 
    • 18-Month Parts and Labor Warranty from the date of shipment*
    • Advanced Exchange options available
    Titan Part Numbers

    How to Send in an ECU for Diagnosis & Repair:

    1.  Complete the below electronically fillable PDF: “Dealer Request for Repair” form and e-mail to: BoardRepair@titansystems.com
    2.  Print a copy of the completed Dealer Request for Repair form to include with ECU shipment.
    3. Package and ship ECU to:

    CNH Industrial Reman Repair and Return Program
    C/O Titan Incorporated
    1340 Grandview Parkway, Suite d200
    Sturtevant WI 53177, United States

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    If you have questions about this program, contact Titan (262) 664-3489 or boardrepair@titansystems.com.